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Gastronomic restaurant

Our restaurant promises a culinary escape in a friendly and intimate atmosphere, near Mirecourt, in Vosges.

The quality of our table goes through the talent of Christian PERNOT our chef who uses fresh products and prepares with passion. He also creates beautiful as greedy dishes for the pleasure of finer gourmets.

Master restorer and consul of the Mirabelle de Lorraine, the Chef invites you to discover local products and market cuisine. With his team, he created a tantalizing choice of prepared dishes, using the finest local products and a variety of tastier recipes.

The chef's cuisine is to enhance the excellence of regional products and make from a table a moment of sharing and fun. To ensure unrivaled freshness and flavor, he works with local, passionate and rigorous producers, who select the best of their production to sublimate our menus.

Végétarians, vegans? You follow a special diet? The team is also at your disposal to satisfy the appetite of young and old gourmets.

Opened weekday lunch and dinner (closed on Sunday evenings and Mondays)

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The Brewery of Auberge offers a traditional menu in a bistro atmosphere so that seizes every host and invites it to relaxation. Here you can taste salads, grilled meats and of course the great unavoidable and local specialties that are the pride of our region.

With a capacity of 120, the brasserie offers its suggestions and famous homemade desserts while enjoying its formulas.

Express Formula with 1 starter + dish of the day or 1 dish of the day + 1 dessert

Opened weekday lunch and dinner

Closed Saturday evenings as calendar

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List of exceptional wines

Awarded 2 times by the Grand Jury of the Press, our wine list features over 950 references with rare vintages dating back to 1923 ...

To discover: Some 12 000 bottles and a selection of exceptional wines from artisan producers unearthed over meetings.

Our cellar is one of the largest in the region. Lovers, gourmets and oenophiles, our selection of wines at the moment is for you, it will make you discover great homes at affordable price.

Our privileged partners

Fruits and vegetables, meat from the farm, milk and cheese from local producers ...

All local products which are exalted in the kitchen and honored in your dishes :

The organic fruit juice of Eric Pierrot, in Remonville ... the vegetables of certified organic farm in our village. "Le petit gris" Cheese of the EARL du Bennevise, in Rupt-sur-Moselle> And the kid, farm milk lamb The game from the local hunting

  • The vosges milk Veal raised in the Farm of Reserai, in remicourt
  • Snails of Clos de l'Aulne, in Martigny les bains
  • Potatoes of Hervé Mangenot at Beuvezin...
  • Les Bluets (this delicate fruit related to the blueberry, specific to Vosges soil) Lorraine in "Pot"esie Gourmande in Darney
  • The organic fruit juice of Eric Pierrot, in Remonville...
  • The vegetables of certified organic farm in our village.
  • "Le petit gis" Cheese of the EARL du Bennevise, in Rupt-sur-Moselle >
  • And the kid, farm milk lamb
  • The game from the local hunting