Unusual weekend near Mirecourt

Trailers for couples or families

The simple joy of a moment in the countryside, a sudden need for freedom, a genuine and authentic moment ... discover the charm of our two trailers.

A few kilometers from Mirecourt, Vittel, Épinal and Nancy, the Auberge du Parc offers atypical stay away from the stress and hectic pace of everyday life ...

Our Plant trailer enables you to combine the bohemian spirit with the comfort of modernity. For families, it has a simple bed and a drawer bed for your children and a double bed in alcove for you ... perfect to preserve the privacy of everyone. A separate bathroom is also available with a shower of 140, a sink and composting toilet.

Find all the benefits of exclusive accommodation, comfort and more! The essential amenities to facilitate your family getaways in the plain romantic Vosges.

Cocoon and unusual interlude, the Capucine trailer allows all lovers to spice up their everyday spending a night in a totally exotic accommodation! Conceived and organized for your comfort and well-being, it offers a spa bath that will offer you a unique relaxing moment. The bathroom is fitted with a sink and separated composting toilets.

Located in our private garden, surrounded by various hedges, our bohemian habitats promise a stay of extreme friendliness combined with nature and the cuisine of our gourmet restaurant.

They will be marketed from March but can be booked today.


Benefits and Services

  • Trailers of 8 meters and 2 meters wide
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Minibar
  • Terrace with hammock
  • Possibility of having a continental breakfast basket in the trailer or enjoy the buffet in the facility

Prices and packages

  • Night + breakfasts
  • Dinner at gourmet restaurant as lovers + night + breakfast
  • Dinner at the gourmet restaurant with family + night + breakfast